Training Modules :

Initial Training :
Cabin Crew :
Airport Ground Staff :

Aviation English :

Recurrent/Refresher training :
Cabin Crew :

Recurrent/refresher training is designed to maintain the level of proficiency and refresh the knowledge in skills used in normal and emergency situations relevant to aircraft type operations as well as generic subjects. Course can be divided into the training modules meeting your requirements.

Additional Training :

Dianora Consulting & Support offers a full package training which covers all additional training required for professional staff, new training modules can be adapted to your needs.

Training offer :

All training modules can be adapted to the special needs of the organiser, customer and attending public
New training modules can be created upon request
Dianora Consulting and Support is capable of delivering qualitative training modules on very short notice

One day training

  • Moving forward: Implementing In‐flight Catering Management Systems for Airlines & In‐flight Caterers.
  • Filling the Service Gap and Creating Added Value to fulfil your Passenger Expectations?
  • Electronic In‐flight Management Systems, is your Cabin Crew in the loop?
  • Ground Services and In‐flight Services, one face to the Customer?
  • Airline Customer Relations & Complaints Handling
  • Improving your Customer Relations Complaints Handling Performance by using Flexible IT Tools
  • No longer Fear of Flying but Enjoying your Flight instead, Yes it’s possible!
  • Hidden Dangerous Goods in Cabin‐ and Checked Luggage
  • Time  and stress management
  • Two days training
  • Introduction Course for future Flight Attendants, prepare yourself and improve your chances for being hired!
  • Introduction to Airline Catering and In‐flight Services for future Catering Managers, Chefs, Supervisors and Personnel
  • Innovative Inflight Catering‐ & and On‐Board Service Concepts
  • Cabin Crew: Motivation and Qualitative Service Delivery, a huge competitive advantage
  • Innovative Management: Pro‐activity in managing Operational Irregularities
  • Innovative Inflight Retail
  • Leadership
  • Customer relation, customer care and customer retention 
  • Five days training
  • Train the Trainer
  • Becoming a VIP or VVIP Flight Attendant on Private‐ and Corporate Jets, the full course Aviate – Communicate: Aviation English for Crew and Ground Staff (vocabulary, terminology, phraseology)