E-Learning-Self-Study :

Manage your learning to fit your schedule and study at your own pace.

  • E-learning

With our e-learning courses, get the complete learning experience from your computer.
Learn from fun, interactive materials and write your exam online.

Alternatively, choose to study using a printed textbook, e-textbook or through e-learning with the option to write your exam online with remote supervision or go to a physical location to take an examination in a supervised environment.

  • Self-Study

If you prefer to study at your own pace, whether online or by reading a book, we offer the same courses as flexible and affordable self-study training.

Self-study examinations
Examinations are either paper-based or completed online depending on the course and the location. If your course has an online exam, it will be either supervised or unsupervised. You can find this information on each course web page.
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Please add the applicable shipping fees to your payment for any printed textbook purchase, and don't forget to visit our Taxation page to determine the tax requirements for your company and in your country.

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