On the Day of the Exam :

If you are writing an online exam with remote supervision, please see the online exams guidance and disregard the below.

  • Make sure you have a piece of government issued identity that includes a picture of you.
  • Verify your name and exam material. Any discrepancies must be flagged to the Supervisor or Local Coordinator before submitting your exam answer sheet.
  • Prepare your user name and password before your exam. Please make sure you have completed and submitted your exam before you exit the session. You may review all exam questions and change any of your responses, provided it is done within the time allocated for the session.
  • Ensure to be present at least 30 minutes prior to the exam. Participants or Students ¬†who are late will not be accepted to the exam.
  • Make sure to sign the exam attendance list upon receipt of your exam booklet and answer sheet.
  • Sign your answer sheet.
  • Sign out on the exam attendance list after you return the exam booklet and answer sheet

Important notes for open book exams

  • If you have purchased an e-textbook version, you are responsible to bring printed pages of the study material.
  • You are allowed to make notes in your study material.
  • You are not allowed to add any additional pages to your study material.
  • Your Local Coordinator cannot assist you with any enrollment, registration or examination related matters. Please contact us for the related matters.
  • If you have signed up through one of our Authorized/Acredited Training Centers or Organizations ATC/ ATO), please contact your ATC/ATO for any questions you might have.